June 2016 Wrap Up

What a fun month June was! We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary, Craig & Sarah’s wedding, and had lots of time in the backyard barbecuing & playing in the kiddie pool!

We were laughing so hard taking these pictures of her getting a hold of the lighter. Hilarious!

We even on a whim texted Caleb & Jen to come over for a little BBQ action and Caleb came, but we missed Jen since she was working. 😦 These photos are super cute because Nora just adores her Uncle Caleb. It’s totally the sweetest little thing.


Yum! Hot dogs are ready!


This $8 kiddie pool was the best summer purchase! We truly aren’t out in the backyard that often (we’re hide-inside-in-that-sweet-AC type of people 😄 ) so this was perfect for the amount of time that we would be outside.

We would laugh as Nora would take a bucket and make trips back and forth to the faucet in the front yard to fill up the pool. Endless entertainment!!

I spent some time outside crocheting and soaking up some vitamin D, which was nice in intervals. Usually until bees would start buzzing around me, then I knew it was time to go inside. 😄

The purple dishcloths were for a little gift I was working on for Craig & Sarah’s wedding. ♥ And the teal, are washcloths for Nora’s bathroom!

We put quite a few trips to the park under our belt too, since it’s one of Nora’s favorite things to do! Us adults even have fun too.

That shot right there is one of the many reasons I love that guy so much. He is spontaneous and fun, and we think the same stuff is funny. Stuff no one else really finds funny….but we do!

2000 ♥ 2016
2000 ♥ 2016

Look at that frosted tip hair guys! We were so cool. We still are. 😀

We had the best time at Craig & Sarah’s wedding celebration! It was pot luck style and everything was oh-so yummy! The weather was a bit crazy, but then got super sunny and we were able to enjoy some croquet, and visiting in the orchard.

The kids had fun playing by the windows in the reception barn. They just love being all together!

Ben always goes out of his way to make sure Nora laughs and that’s always SO cute!

My talented bonus sis, B snapped so many great pics, and these especially kept me laughing. This really shows both of their personalities so well.

Like most toddlers, Nora is attracted to holding sharp things she shouldn’t touch. 😂



Croquet fun in the orchard!
Sitting, visiting, and crocheting!
Sitting, visiting, and crocheting!

I hand embroidered some tea towels for Craig & Sarah to gift them, along with the crochet dishcloths. It was such a fun little project!

Nora is interested in everything we’re doing, so when Daddy brought home this fun new “toy” she had to get right in there and try it out too!

Our outings sometimes consist of dinking around at the mall, or moreso Nora’s favorite… going to the Library!

Who really knows why she gravitates towards the computers. I mean… really. 😀 She’s totally our kid.

Mall ride shenannigans

Another fun treat this time of year is our cherry trees in our yard! We actually got out there and picked/ate some this year and that was fun! Nora got really messy, but I learned a neat little trick! If you have clothing stained with berries, you can put them in a pot on the stove to simmer and all the stains come out! Totally cool.

Next year we will have to pick sooner though, because by this time a lot of the cherries were shriveled up. 😦

We had some fun visiting over at my dad’s house too, now that he’s back in the area! Nora just loves walking Angel, their cute little dog!

We still miss our Medley a ton since she’s been gone, but Nala is still bringing us lots of joy. She is such a lovey kitty, and likes to sit on Dad’s lap. ♥

The sunsets in summer are always the best! I think I snapped this one in the car!


And lastly a random collage!


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