July 2016 Wrap Up

July was a fun month and seemed to go on by in a blink!  We had a pretty low key Fourth of July, and were pretty excited as Nora is getting older, and we were going to set out to see if she either loved or was scared to death of fireworks! Turns out that she LOVED the fireworks! We had a lot of fun packing up some snacks and heading downtown Corvallis to the Riverfront Park.

We arrived and she was immediately intrigued with the ground fireworks & fountains people were lighting off while they waited for the main firework show to start! (Pardon the grainy-ness of the photos… cell phone cameras don’t do well in the dark!)

It was fun watching everyone line up on the bridge to watch the fireworks too!

I thought this picture was cute & was lucky to capture it! Daddy & Nora watching the fireworks show (lighting was during a big firework).

We were excited this month to get Nora a balance bike since we had been looking for one for her for a while. Walmart online had a killer deal on one and we just couldn’t wait to pick it up!  Nora had a great time helping Daddy assemble it!

It honestly is a little too big for her, but she likes to walk it around every now and then. It also has a fun bell so she loves that!

Mommy & Nora had fun making pancakes one morning! Lately she’s been very interested in helping in the kitchen, and she always loves mixing, so this was a blast!

We’ve been having a LOT of fun playing Pokémon Go & generally enjoying being outside! It’s been a nice little family outlet that’s been helping us be more active as a family!

Nora even likes watching me catch the Pokémon and says “Gotcha!”. It’s SO cute.

A few of our Pokéwalks and a shot of everyone out playing downtown!

We recently had the pleasure of photographing a wedding for a friend of ours and I got to be a second shooter and help Matt. It was on the beach at the coast, and was a lot of fun!

Here’s my man in action!

On the way back from the wedding we were able to attend a family get together and watch some UFC. Super fun! Love my family and blessed that they are people I love hanging out with and are some of our best friends. 😀

Nora missed us while we were at the wedding! ❤

This is the cuteness between Daddy & daughter that happens on a daily basis. Melts my heart!

We had a lot of fun attending some dear friend’s son’s 2nd birthday party too! The weather was perfect for some outdoor sprinkler fun!

We all had a great time eating wonderfully delicious snacks, chatting and catching some sun! Nora had fun playing with a lady bug that some of the kids at the party caught. She loved it and talked about it the next day, too!

After that sprinkler fun, we decided to take a trip downtown Corvallis to the water fountain. She was a little intimidated by the water shooting out of the ground though and didn’t feel like getting wet… but enjoyed eating her Cheetos and watching the kids play in the water. 😄

We pass this park with ducks a lot while driving around in town and finally decided to take Nora to it! She love LOVED feeding the sweet ducks and watching their every move! They even have a little feeder station for 25 cents where you can get some handfuls of healthy feed for them, which is awesome (and probably a lot better than feeding them white bread).  😇

Nora, grabbing a handful of feed for the ducks out of the stroller.

Afterwards we had fun eating some snacks over by the playground on our blanket, and Nora got in some slide time, which is always a necessity during a park visit.

The end of July is always so much fun because it’s when the annual Craft Beer Picnic happens at the family farm! It’s really cool that such an awesome community event is hosted there, and it’s always so fun to attend & invite our friends to. This year we had a few of our Eugene friends come up which was a nice treat!

Nora had a lot of fun with her amazing Auntie Jen! She got her face painted, had ice cream…needless to say she did NOT want to come back to mommy. Haha!

Nora playing with her new little friend at the picnic.
Hangin’ with our Eugene friends!

We enjoyed a nice family trip to the grocery store too this month. I love how Fred Meyer started doing the healthy snack while you shop thing! Nora always enjoys eating a banana, followed by a good old fashioned ride on the shopping cart with Dad.




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