DIY Makeup Brush Holder • Dollar Tree Hack

Hey all! Here’s a quick-ey DIY that was a must-do for me that I just had to share!

DIY Makeup Brush Holder • Dollar Tree Hack @fibreandfabrics #diy #dollarstorehack

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My makeup stuff is usually thrown about in one little organizer bin (which isn’t really organized at all) and sometimes I’ll search forever for something in there! Super frustrating when you are in a hurry!

See? It’s a mess.

During my last trip to the Dollar Tree I knew I needed some various things like bins for organizing…etc. (Which the Dollar Tree is great for!) and while my brain was in organizing mode, I wanted something for our bathroom that could hold up my makeup brushes and tools & look good doing it!

I wandered up and down the aisles (like you do because you don’t want to miss anything) and stopped in the aisle with the candles and flower decor items. I was excited to find a thick glass candle holder and some black sand!


Total Cost: $2.00

You can’t beat that! And it looks so much better! (Did I say that I love Dollar Tree?! Yup. I do.)

The rest is pretty self explanatory… but I poured said sand into the glass container a little then spilled some for good measure…

DIY Makeup Brush Holder • Dollar Tree Hacks @fibreandfabrics

Then I poured some more up to just over the half way point, and started sticking my brushes in. (pardon my messy bathroom counter.. this is real life people. 😄 )

DIY Makeup Brush Holder • Dollar Tree Hacks @fibreandfabrics

I don’t really have that many brushes, but found that it was great for storing other things too, like eyeliner, mascara etc!


I would love to see your Dollar Tree hacks here in the comments. If you have done one that’s related to this post, please share!


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