August 2016 Wrap Up

Ahhh summer. By this time of year my allergies have subsided and I’m actually able to enjoy some limited outdoor time! (I say limited because I must be honest… I love love my air-conditioned house 😂😄). I’m thankful that having a toddler that loves SO much to play outside actually gets US outside more as a family, which is really a good thing! We started off August with a nice picnic lunch trip to Avery Park in Corvallis, and were excited for Nora to play on the historic train, and dinosaur bones play area! She’s big into Thomas the Train right now, so we knew she would appreciate poking around on the big train.

So precious!! ♥ Daddy Daughter Love ♥ So precious!! ♥ Daddy Daughter Love ♥

We had a bit of fun on the swings too! She’s still a little apprehensive about swings by herself for now. With Daddy it’s much better!

↑ Can I get a decent  picture with you child?! Guess not. Lol. Welp, onto the dinosaur bones!!

She really had a great time exploring in there! What is not pictured is the massive meltdown that was had when leaving this fine place of fun. I’m surprised we didn’t get Child Protective Services called on us really, because through all the kicking and screaming and it taking BOTH of us with all our strength and might to get her into her car seat, we were surely the center of attention. Don’t underestimate Toddler Rage Strength!

In other news, this month I officially hit my mid-30’s!  Yay for being “more adult” ! (not really, and don’t think I ever really will be, haha). We connected up with one of our old work friends & attended he and his darling wife’s show that was happening in Albany. It was such a wonderful little night out & pre-birthday celebration! Bri is a wonderfully talented singer/musician/songwriter & our friend Donny accompanies her on percussion & helps with her band management. Her music is wonderful and uplifting! You can check her out here.

Early in the month Matt and his band also got the opportunity to play a live broadcast show on OSU Campus for the KBVR show, Locals Live which features a performance and interviews with local bands. It was so cool to see him on TV! (Well, on my TV screen streaming live… same diff right?)

Mons La Hire – Live on KBVR Locals Live

We had some sweet extended family time this month too getting all together to celebrate summer birthdays and to get in some fun pool time at Granny & Papa’s. It felt so sooo nice since the weather has been so very hot!

It was so funny watching her read this dessert magazine in the tiny chair out by the pool.  The video is too funny I have to share it too!

This kid! Seriously, such a crack up. 😄  She really enjoyed going out with Granny in the garden and picking some veggies, and of course play time with all her cousins and pool time! She is getting more comfortable with being in the pool as long as she’s in someone’s arms, or sitting with someone in a floatie. I’m excited next summer maybe, to get her into some swim lessons. I think it would be such fun!

♥ Pool time with Daddy!

The whole family has also been enjoying some Virtual Reality lately too! My bonus bro ended up getting one and it’s been really really cool to try out. The kids have been really picking it up quickly!

Excuse the slightly blurred photos ↑ ↑ (I had to zoom in a bit) but I just love the sweet bond between Nora & Ben. She of course, adores all her cousins, and has a special connection to each of them, but theirs is just too cute sometimes!

It reminds me of the closeness of my cousins and growing up in the same area with them. I remember hiding in my closet with them when it was time for them to go (or vise versa) because time was always too short when it came to hanging out and playing!

The Three Amigos! Dan, Nicole, and Me!

We also got to enjoy a super fun spontaneous cousin night at the drive-in! It was wonderful, and the perfect way to wring in the end of summer. Nora wanted to sit right next to Selah, per the usual. 😀 They are adorable!

We saw The Secret Life of Pets, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and then the kids went to sleep and the adult movie was Suicide Squad…which we won’t talk about…..(because it’s terrible.) 😱😄

Our August group birthday celebration was wonderful and we got in some more pool time good food, and CUPCAKES! Yum.

I look at Nora sweeping dirt in the above photo and can’t help thinking of those stories on movies and TV that parents tell their kids about how they had to walk uphill to school both ways. 😃

Nora and her Ol’ Papa have been getting to know each other better as she’s getting older, and it’s been the cutest thing to see grow. She LOVES to go and hang out at Granny & Ol’ Papa’s house and talks about them randomly throughout the day. 😍

Lately with it being so hot, and having the AC running all the time, standing in front of it became quite a fun game for Nora.

This month we also got to celebrate my bestie getting hitched in Portland! We lined up babysitting because Nora doesn’t do well in the car for more than 30 minutes and because we actually wanted to enjoy ourselves too. 😀 We had a wonderful time & it was lovely to see her beautiful face so very happy!

P.S – Yes, I’m wearing a Dr. Who Tardis skirt! ♥

We also had a lot of fun spending time visiting with Matt’s cousins that were in town! Here’s our group that day!

It wasn't really a kids shot, but Nora had to be in the center. :D It wasn’t really a kids shot, but Nora had to be in the center. 😀

As for crafty projects this month, I finally found a project for this super soft and squishy Malabrigo yarn (colorway: Bobby Blue) in my stash! I’m writing up a scarf pattern using this stitch that is reversible and lays flat.

Here’s some picture randomness to finish up!

I love spending my days with this girl!
I love spending my days with this girl!




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