Pattern Roundup • Knit & Crochet Bun Beanies n Hats

Happy holidays everyone! So if you’re at all connected to the craft community surely by now you’ve seen the pattern explosion of bun beanies and ponytail hats in both the crochet and knitting popping up! In lieu of that, I figured a pattern roundup was a great idea! Have fun browsing below at both the top FREE patterns in both knitting or crochet!

If you have one to share that’s free as well and not listed below, feel free to share the link in the comments.

10+ FREE Bun Beanie Knitting & Crochet Pattern Roundup by @fibreandfabrics

❤ For Knitters

1. Holey Hat

Holey Hat - Knit Ponytail Beanie on Ravelry

This pattern seems to be the oldest one of it’s kind on Ravelry! Created by SplitStitch Designs in 2013!

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2. Messy Bun Hat

Messy Bun Knit Hat by Isela Phelps on Ravelry

The Messy Bun Hat is a great & adds a little texture to it with simple knit & purl rows!

3. Buffalo Plaid Messy Bun Beanie

Buffalo Plaid Messy Bun Beanie by Charissa Pray on Ravelry

Chunky yarn and the cool plaid color work make this messy bun beanie perfect for this season! Pattern on Ravelry by Charissa Pray.

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4. Bun Beanie Cat Pattern

Bun Beanie Knit Cat Hat by Whidbey Isle Yarns on Ravelry

MEEEOW! 🐱 Check out this cute knit bun beanie with kitty cat ears by by Whidbey Isle Yarns

5. Hannah

FREE Knitting Pattern • Hannah - Ponytail Hat by Blake Ehrlich on Ravelry

by Blake Ehrlich. I love the buttons on the back! A really cute ponytail hat pattern!

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6. Tea Cozy Hat

FREE Knitting Pattern • Tea Cozy Hat by Woolly Wormhead on Ravelry

by Woolly Wormhead.  Cute knit ponytail hat with a drawstring/tie. I like this!

7. Yellowstone Skate Ski Hat

FREE Pattern • Yellowstone Skate Ski Ponytail Knit Hat by Selena Miskin on Ravelry

by Selena Miskin. Gotta love those knit cables, right? This can also double as a snug neck cozy!
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8. Bucaneve Hat

FREE Knitting Pattern • Bucaneve Hat by Maria Rosa Spighetti on Ravelry

by Maria Rosa Spighetti. I like how this is a slouchy version for when you want a loose bun or pony!

❤ For Crocheters

1. It’s All About the Messy Bun

It's All About the Messy Bun crochet pattern by June Nemeth on Ravelry

by June Nemeth on Ravelry!

2. Easy Peasy Messy Bun Hat

Crochet Easy Peasy Messy Bun Hat by Celina Lane on Ravelry

by Celina Lane on Ravelry!

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3. Top Knot Toque

crochet Top Knot Toque by Patricia Hamel on Ravelry!

Check out this crochet version of the bun beanie made with a elastic hair tie at the top! Love that idea! Design by Patricia Hamel

4. Yet Another Messy Bun Hat

Yet Another Messy Bun Hat by Danielle LaChance on Ravelry

I like the wide brim on this one, and isn’t the yarn pretty? By Danielle LaChance

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5. Bandwagon Bun Hat

Free Crochet Pattern • Bandwagon Bun Hat by Margaret MacInnis on Ravelry

by Margaret MacInnis on Ravelry. If you want a 2 color option with a cool pattern, try this hat! I also like her appropriate title. 😄😂

6. Shelby’s Double Bun Beanie

Shelby's Double Bun Beanie • Free Crochet Pattern by Dorianna Rivelli

by Dorianna Rivelli @ The Lavender Chair. I like this double bun action, and the stitch is super cute too! I just love her stuff!

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7. Messy Bun Cat Hat

Free Crochet Pattern • Messy Bun Cat Hat by Rebecca Renea on Ravelry

by Rebecca Renea on Ravelry! Now you can pick from a knit or crochet kitty ear version. Our lives are complete! ♥🐱

8.  Everyday Kisses Messy Bun Hat

FREE Crochet Pattern • Everyday Kisses Messy Bun Hat by American Crochet on Ravelry

by American Crochet. I love the texture on this one!

9. Linen Stitch Ponytail / Messy Bun Hat

FREE Crochet Pattern • Linen Stitch Ponytail / Messy Bun Hat by Jennifer Pionk

by Jennifer Pionk on Ravelry. Enjoy sizing from kids to adult on this pattern!

10. Ribbed Bun Hat

FREE Crochet Pattern • Ribbed Bun Hat by Naztazia on Ravelry

by Naztazia on Ravelry.  I like that this hat is worked sideways with a nice and stretchy ribbing, and fold up brim. It does have an elastic hair tie worked into the top!

Those are my messy bun picks for knitting and crochet! I hope you found this post helpful in choosing your style of messy bun!

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