Straight Outta Yarn Design on Zazzle

Straight Outta Yarn Items & Apparel for makers on Zazzle ♥ #shopcraftlove #zazzle #yarn

Late last night I  just had to finish up my latest design available on Zazzle! I giggled to myself as I was creating this “Straight Outta Yarn” collection! 😄😂 The sub-text on each product can be customized to say whatever you like! I think I might need the tote bag first, since it’s the most appropriate & fun to bring to the yarn store! Of course, we (as makers) are probably never ever actually OUT of yarn… but I guess that’s the joke of it all! 🙂

Here’s some of my current products for this design and I’ll be adding more to my shop! Check here for updates.


Items & apparel for makers & craft lovers. 📷 #shopcraftlove


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