Crochet Striped Pumpkin

Off the hook today! This cute crochet striped pumpkin! Now to make a few more and put them out on my porch!

Crochet Black & White striped pumpkin - megmadewithlove pattern!

 I used the Striped Pumpkin pattern from (which I absolutely love!). I was browsing Pinterest and thinking that October’s already half over and my house feels not-so-festive, so I had to remedy that! I cracked open my craft closet and spotted some (pretty much) vintage Chenille Lion Brand yarn that’s been in my stash since I started collecting yarn basically. It feels good to turn it into something that I really like! For the white I had on hand some Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn, that would work just fine!

Working away!
Easy way to work double-stranded! Center Pull and pull from the outside at the same time. 😀

 I ended up making the top of the pumpkin with a short drawstring type of closure that I could tie instead of sewing closed (like I did with the bottom). Mainly because for stuffing I used my plastic bags (which I always have enough of) and since those tend to settle and look a little flat, I wanted to make sure I could easily re-stuff if needed. I still need to add some raffia or jute near the stem to make it more decorative and then it will be 100% done! Since the black yarn was on the bulky side already I just went through the pattern using one strand of yarn, but since the white was more regular weighted, I held two strands together as noted in the pattern.

This is a fun little project and makes a really great decor piece that I know I will use at this time of year for years to come! And I feel extra good about it since I made good use of those plastic bags cluttering up my house! 

Update →

crochet harvest pumpkins - pattern free from @yarnspirations

I had so much fun being on this punpkin-making kick that I made 2 more pumpkins from the Yarnspirations Harvest Crochet Pumpkins pattern {Get it here free!} I filled these with plastic bags as well, and my daughter loved that they were so crinkl-ey!

#Crochet white Harvest Pumpkin - free pattern via @yarnspirations


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