Crochet Pikachu + Pokeball

Crochet Pikachu made from free patterns → #fibreandfabrics #pikachu #pokemon

My little just loves hanging out with her cousins, and I’m so so glad we live close enough to see them all the time! I remember when I was young, hanging out with my cousins was the best thing ever and we would dread when we had to leave each other! {I remember hiding in my closet, or any place we would think they wouldn’t look just to buy ourselves more time together 😃} My little tends to be into whatever the cousins are into, which right now is mostly Minecraft and Pokemon! She would play at home and ask myself and my husband to “battle” her and be a specific Pokemon character (cute right?), then would throw a pretend Pokeball down.

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This is one of the many instances that I love that I am able to create, and for the talented designers out there that have so many patterns to make from! Needless to say she was pretty thrilled when I made her a Pokeball and equally excited when I made her a Pikachu! (Sorry for holding my phone the wrong way! It was for Instagram! 😄)

After making the Pokeball I saw so many cute patterns for Pikachu that I just had to make her one. Seeing the joy on her face has got to be the best thing. 😍

The biggest negative to me about amigurumi is definitely sewing and weaving in those ends. The struggle is real, folks.

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I stayed up and sewed in the ends while watching Netflix (I love my night time crafting / chill time!) I was excited to surprise her in the morning with little Pikachu. She was so happy!

Cotton Yarns from

I used this cute little pattern (from that is meant to be a keychain for the body, ears, hands and feet, but wanted a more classic look for the tail (more like the cartoon!) so I found a different pattern to follow for that by 53stitches. This worked up so cute! I have more Pokemon on my list to make for my niece and nephews so that should be fun!

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