I’m so SO sorry it’s been literally crickets over here on this blog. Life pretty much took over! If you follow me on Instagram I do seem much more present there (or on my other social media outlets as well!) I’ve been pretty good about posting on my Limited Free Knitting & Crochet Patterns group on Facebook, which has been a lot of fun, and now has grown to over 500 members (woohoo!).

I have been trying to work on Fall inventory for my Etsy (which has been neglected.. since life has happened 😆) so I will be posting more of those items, as well as some seasonal projects as I work on them!

Thanks for sticking around, friends. I’m excited to post more projects soon!

Thanks for reading my posts here on Fibreandfabrics Craft Blog. ♥ Gina #fibreandfabrics #crafts

Mother’s Day Craftsy Deals!

I hope everyone out there is having a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! I am sure feeling the love from my family, and I hope you are feeling an extra dose of love too! My husband and daughter surprised me with a cajón today! One of our favorite things to do that we really don’t get to do anymore is play music together (I play percussion / drums, and my husband is a talented pianist), mostly because it takes SO long for me to lug out my drum sets (I have an acoustic and an electronic) so those spontaneous jam sessions don’t happen anymore! But now, I’m so excited because this instrument is so accessible and quick to grab. He truly knows my heart!

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