Handmade  Items

Any handmade items I list can be found mainly in my Etsy Shop.

I first started my adventures in handmade on Etsy under the shop name “Simply Knittery” back in 2009.  My grandmother had taught me Fibreandfabrics Blog -
how to knit at a pretty young age, and later in my twenties I began to pick it up again! It was later, in 2010 when I flew back home for the summer to visit my mom and Grandma that they taught me how to crochet. This skill has remained super close to my heart simply because I learned from her.  Sadly she passed in 2013 and every time I crochet or knit, I always remember her and my heart is happy!

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Knit & Crochet Patterns

You can find my growing selection of patterns on Craftsy & Ravelry.  I look forward to bringing you more in the coming months as I get more into writing them!

Craftsy Patterns   Ravelry Patterns


Items for Craft Lovers  |  Shop Craft Love

Grown from my love of all things yarn, fabric and crafts was my Zazzle store, Shop Craft Love. It has been really fun being a Zazzle Pro Designer! Some of my most popular items are t-shirts & coffee mugs, but you can shop tons of great items & apparel on Zazzle! They run sales almost daily, which I love to keep you informed about. You can follow Shop Craft Love for updates on new designs & limited sales & promotions below!

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Update! You can find some of my designs on TeePublic now! I decided to branch out to the TeePublic platform since they frequently run $14 T-Shirt sales…which is so great! Be sure to follow me on social media so you know when they happen!

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