Spring Crochet Fusion Quilt Complete!

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A LOT has been going on around here, so it totally feels awesome to get a sense of completion about something! I was super stoked about this project when I started it (remember?), and now I am very pleased with how it turned out!  I took quite a big break from this project to make one of my dear friends a cute onesie (which I can’t share yet because it’s a surprise still!) and because I hadn’t yet figured out how I wanted to join all my squares together.
I ended up using a zigzag join which has big holes which I liked, because this is a light Springy quilt!  I found this particular method on Pinterest here. It went pretty quickly, and then my least favorite part to get through… weaving in the ends!

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Crochet Fusion Quilt (WIP) Mini Update 2

Cotton Yarns from knitpicks.com

Good morning!  Remember this project? Yep that’s right, it’s still lying around!  I do have a very bad habit where once a project gets started, I think about another one and start that one too! (It’s a wonder things actually get done around here… especially with an almost 2 month old!) My very dear friend Breezy and I recently started having a craft day once a week together, and that’s been amazing!  She mentioned that she really wanted to see this project finished, so that was some good motivation for me. 🙂

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Crochet Fusion Quilt (WIP) Mini Update

Just a quick update on this fun project!  Getting some tires for my car today…and it’s the perfect project to bring along. 🙂  Next up the fun part: stitching the squares together. I actually prefer the individual squares because it’s a sense of accomplishment with each finished square! (I’m an instant gratification type of girl.) But fun nonetheless! :D.

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Crochet Fusion Quilt (WIP)

Before I hit the hay tonight I thought I would share my progress on a future item that will be in the my Etsy shop when it’s done!  I am pretty excited to see this one come together, as I really love LOVE the quilting squares I picked out.  

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