Star Wars Fabric Crochet Scarf

Happy Star Wars Day, friends! Since it’s May the 4th I thought I would share an older project that I had finished back in February. My first attempt at a crochet and fabric fusion scarf. I had seen some awesome Star Wars flannel fabric at Joann’s and knew I had to get it!

Star Wars Fabric Crochet Scarf 2

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Crochet Fusion Tote Bag • Fibreandfabrics Crafts Blog #fibreandfabrics #crochet

Crochet Fusion Tote Bag

Well, happy Friday to you!  I hope things in your crafty world are going well. Things are well in my little world, but it seems like I haven’t had hardly any time to pick up a needle or hook really. I can already feel the sniffles and itchy eyes coming on to kick off allergy season. (It’s not even MAY yet… Oye.) But ANYway…. onto my main wip.. this crochet & fabric fusion tote bag! I did want to share a few photos (some of them you’ll notice from my Instagram page) of my progress so far on this fun project! Let’s rewind and start from the beginning!

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Design “Enough Fabric” on TeePublic & Zazzle

Just for you sewers & fabric lovers out there! My “I have enough fabric, said no seamstress ever.” design is new to TeePublic! I also have an array of items & apparel up on my Zazzle shop for this design! Remember, you can NEVER have enough fabric, period!!

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Throwback to CrafTuesday

I am sad I didn’t blog about this back when my dear friend, Breezy and I did this almost every Tuesday! (It shall happen once again, my dear Breezy….it shall!) Anyway when Nora just a few months old and I was getting used to being a stay-at-home mama, Breezy and I gave birth to CrafTuesday! (It’s what all Tuesdays should be by the way.) Heck if we had it our way it’s what we’d be doing all day everyday!

I will share a couple of pics on what we were working on. I had scored a pretty big stash of fabric off of Craigslist, which I was pretty stoked about! It was all kinds of different fabrics, some newer some older…a great variety really! In it we had pulled out some pretty colored jersey knit, and we decided to make skirts!

She brought one with her to compare to (since we really didn’t feel like looking up a set pattern) and got to cutting! She also brought this super fun print fabric, and had a wonderful idea to make leaves that would be ironed on and hand stitched around. I just loved the idea!

I think at this time I just watched her excitedly! I eventually stumbled through sewing a really really simple skirt and thought about making some cute flowers embroidered onto the skirt coming up from the bottom! ( I have yet to finish that project…it’s packed somewhere!) Here’s some pics I found on my phone of it!

I’ll have to try and find more pics of our later projects and share those too. Soo much fun!

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Spring Crochet Fusion Quilt Complete!

A LOT has been going on around here, so it totally feels awesome to get a sense of completion about something! I was super stoked about this project when I started it (remember?), and now I am very pleased with how it turned out!  I took quite a big break from this project to make one of my dear friends a cute onesie (which I can’t share yet because it’s a surprise still!) and because I hadn’t yet figured out how I wanted to join all my squares together.

I ended up using a zigzag join which has big holes which I liked, because this is a light Springy quilt!  I found this particular method on Pinterest here. It went pretty quickly, and then my least favorite part to get through… weaving in the ends!

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Here’s my progress pics leading up to the finished product!

Crochet & Fabric Fusion Quilt | @fibreandfabrics Craft Blog #quilt #crochetfusion

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Crochet Fusion Quilt (WIP) Mini Update 2

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Good morning!  Remember this project? Yep that’s right, it’s still lying around!  I do have a very bad habit where once a project gets started, I think about another one and start that one too! (It’s a wonder things actually get done around here… especially with an almost 2 month old!) My very dear friend Breezy and I recently started having a craft day once a week together, and that’s been amazing!  She mentioned that she really wanted to see this project finished, so that was some good motivation for me. 🙂

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Since I last blogged about the quilt, I decided it needed to be bigger. There are a total of 16 fabric squares, so originally I was thinking a 4×4 little throw quilt. But since I found a cute crochet pattern, I decided to alternate and put crochet squares in between! I think it will look really cute!


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Crochet Fusion Quilt (WIP) Mini Update

Just a quick update on this fun project!  Getting some tires for my car today…and it’s the perfect project to bring along. 🙂  Next up the fun part: stitching the squares together. I actually prefer the individual squares because it’s a sense of accomplishment with each finished square! (I’m an instant gratification type of girl.) But fun nonetheless! :D.

Hope everyone is having a fun, crafty day!





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