FYI Friday | Colorfast Your Yarn Projects

Hey all! Hope everyone had a wonderful week! It seems like my last blog entry was yesterday (even though it was a week ago!)

Days have been flying by in my world, as we continue to get the house in order, (My slight OCD has issues with the transition) and finally getting our 2 cats “moved in” as well. (More on that soon!)

For now, since it is Friday, I wanted to share a helpful yarn-tastic link about Colorfasting your yarn!

I wish I had done this on one of my first-ever crochet projects! I had bought pretty cotton variegated yarn and had made a face scrubbie (which I used for-e-ver!) even though it got ugly. I remember watching as the colors faded into one another and was like…”Oh, well… I guess it still works for what was intended!”  It’s really a simple fix!

This link is by Heidi over at

Hope you all have a great Friday the 13th! (oooOOOOOoooh!) 😀

Random: Which reminds me I need to get this shirt sometime soon!


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