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A Happy Earth : Frugal DIY Tips

Happy Earth Day 2017, Crafters!  As Earth day was getting closer and closer, I was thinking about how I, as a maker, reduce my carbon footprint on our lovely planet. I thought I would share some ways you can too!

My family lives pretty frugally and we are big on recycling. (Yes, I’m the person that washes out those plastic containers and either keeps them, or throws them in the blue bin!) I look at it as a challenge each week to see how little I can throw away. 😀 Here’s a few tips for you to be a little more Green in your life!Read More »

Spinning Plarn with a Drop Spindle

Turns out that spinning plarn on a drop spindle is quite fun!

As I ALWAYS have too many plastic bags cluttering up my house (even though I try try to keep them organized) so it was time yet again to make some more plarn. This time though, after perusing the internets and Pinterest, I decided that I wanted to make it stronger by twisting it! I had found some pretty inventive ways of doing this. Like this video here of a gal using her sewing machine to spin plarn (neat idea, right?!)Read More »

@fibreandfabrics Craft Blog | Earth Day #Plarn Roundup

Earth Day | Plarn Pattern Roundup 2016

Happy Earth Day everyone (or should I say Earth Night)!  Just thought I would do a quick post here to share some great picks of the awesome things you can do with plarn! What’s plarn you ask? It’s such a great (and green!) medium for crocheting or knitting with & you’re helping the environment out at the same time since it can take multiple bags to make an item!

If you need a “how to” on how to make a plarn ball you can check a great post by!  And now, to some projects for that plarn ball you’ve got!

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Fused Plastic Cash Envelopes

Hey guys! Oh how I’ve missed you!! 😀

I decided that (being that I had like 1,343 )plastic bags exploding out of my kitchen drawer, that it was time for a plastic bag project!

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