I Make String Pretty • Tote Bag

Happy Sunday! I thought I would share this fun tote bag with you this morning, as it’s been one of my most popular products & designs in my Zazzle shop! I promise to get back to regular blog posts once I get my blogging feet back underneath me!

Home + Pets

It’s the perfect bag to carry your yarn haul from the store, or your WIP projects wherever you go!

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Teepublic Sale & New Design for Yarn Lovers

Happy Thursday guys!  I just was checking my emails and I found one I had almost missed about a TeePublic sale happening for another 25 hours (and counting!)  I love TeePublic because they have sales so often and it’s great to get my yarn & craft tees on sale! You can visit my shop here and also check out my NEW design “We’ve Got Big Balls…of Yarn” for both knitters and crocheters! I would love it if you would do me a favor and pin & share with a crafty friend or two! ❤

Find Craft lover tees on @TeePublic @shopcraftlove | https://www.teepublic.com/user/craftlove

Check out great shirts for craft lovers & makers on #TeePublic by @shopcraftlove | https://www.teepublic.com/user/craftlove

Teespring Sale – 9mm Crochet Hook Tee

Hey all! I hope you are doing well so far this lovely March! I have some new sales lined up for my Craft Love Apparel on TeeSpring! One of which is my popular  “I don’t need a license to carry my 9mm” shirt! This will be available for a couple weeks for a discounted price, so be sure to check out TeeSpring & I would love it if you would share with your crafty friends!! I have a modest goal set and if that is met I will do a giveaway (most likely a gift card or something of that nature!) More designs to come! Keep an eye out on social media for giveaway details!


Now available on #Teespring - #Crochet hook license tee - limited print! @shopcraftlove http://bit.ly/TeespringLimitedCrochetTee

Design “Enough Fabric” on TeePublic & Zazzle

Just for you sewers & fabric lovers out there! My “I have enough fabric, said no seamstress ever.” design is new to TeePublic! I also have an array of items & apparel up on my Zazzle shop for this design! Remember, you can NEVER have enough fabric, period!!

Not Enough Thread #Embroidery #crafts shirt on #TeePublic @shopcraftlove
Click photo to see more style options & colors!


Shop Craft Love on Zazzle

Enough Fabric #Sewing {Dark} Tshirt on #Zazzle // Find us online @shopcraftlove
Enough Fabric Sewing {Dark} Tshirt
Look at Seamstress T-Shirts online at Zazzle.com

Enough Fabric #Sewing {Light} Classic White Coffee Mug on #Zazzle // Find us online @shopcraftlove
Enough Fabric Sewing {Light} Classic White Coffee Mug
Design a unique photo mug.

Enough Fabric #Sewing {Light} Barely There iPhone 6 Case on #zazzle // Find us online @shopcraftlove
Enough Fabric Sewing {Light} Barely There iPhone 6 Case
Browse other Seamstress Casemate Cases

Enough Fabric #Sewing Crafts {Any Color Light} Square Acrylic #Keychain on #zazzle // Find us online @shopcraftlove
Enough Fabric Sewing Crafts {Any Color Light} Double-Sided Square Acrylic Keychain
Check out more Seamstress Key Chains at Zazzle


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Enough Thread – Embroidery/Crafts Tee

Another new design to TeePublic! Show your love for thread and all things embroidery by sporting this awesome “I have enough thread, said no embroiderer ever!” shirt! Remember, you can NEVER have enough thread, period!!


Not Enough Thread #Embroidery #crafts shirt on #TeePublic @shopcraftlove
Click photo to see more style options & colors!


You can also find a variety of items with this design in my Zazzle shop! Here’s a few highlighted items.

Shop Craft Love on #Zazzle
Enough Thread Embroidery {Dark} Barely There iPhone 6 Case
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Enough Thread Embroidery {Light} Cosmetics Bags
Find another Zazzle Wristlet
Enough Thread Embroidery {Dark} Tee Shirts
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Enough Thread Embroidery {White} Hot Shorts
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WIP It Good Crochet Design

Hey all! Just a quick post to share my WIP It Good {Work in Progress} crochet design now on TeePublic! I will be posting more designs next week, too, since TeePublic is a new site we are expanding to! As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on new designs you would like to see!

WIP It Good #crochet lovers shirt on #Teepublic \\
Other styles & colors available!


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Crochet Hook License Shirt on TeePublic!

Hey all, as some of you may know I have a shop for my craft love items & apparel on Zazzle. My little shop did well over the holidays and I found that I love designing & doing the whole process! After the new year, I had been thinking about branching out to more than just Zazzle (even though Zazzle is awesome and will be where my main shop is..) and I ran across TeePublic! I have created a section on my blog for my “Craft Love” posts to live and I hope you enjoy these updates!

I would love if you would share it with your crafty friends..or maybe (since you’re here) you are the crafty person and you want to pick one up for yourself!! 🙂 You can browse my “Crochet Hook License” items on Zazzle too!

#crochet hook license t-shirt for sale on @teepublic! #craftlove


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I live!

This is a quickie post just to let everyone know I’m still “here”(ish)!! Been a busy November…and I realize now that I even forgot to do an October Wrap Up monthly post like i always do. If you follow me on any of the social media outlets I’m still trying to keep up with posts there.. But November has definitely been lacking. On the flipside my Zazzle shop has been doing well in the midst of the holiday season so I’m super pumped about that! With Thanksgiving, football games, and fun gatherings…our little house keeps getting sick. But not all at once. I feel like we’re stuck in an endless chain of sickness: round robin style.
Here’s a quick photo of what I’m working on whilst under the weather… It’s my first (YES first) go at intarsia & it’s getting me excited to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens mid December! More posts when I’m better. Promise!