Happy Leon Day | Half Way to Christmas!

Hey all & Happy Leon Day! Today (June 25th) marks the half way mark to Christmas (my favorite time of year!) It has officially got me started with thinking about the holidays!

Especially with thinking about gifts and making handmade gifts for the family! Last year I was on a scarf kick and all the ladies in the family got them. It was really fun to give something that I made especially for them! I did feel a little stressed as Christmas got closer though because I waited until mid October to start! This year my goal is to try to be more on top of things.

Since we’ve been budgeting and couponing it’s only natural that I’m thinking about snagging holiday gifts already, at non-holiday prices! For couponing I love love to use Feedly. It’s awesome really because you can look at all your blogs in one organized place. I follow sites like the Krazy Coupon Lady, Hip2Save, Frugal Living NW, to name a few. These sites are great because in addition to coupons you also see deals & sales for tons of other stores especially when they have low prices on stuff that would make great gifts!

Leon Day is big for crafters as well (I’m sure many of you know of it) because it’s a great time to start brainstorming your holiday line for your shops!  I have to admit my shop does need some updating…(I wish there were an extra 24 hours in each day, I would designate it only for crafts!)

Here are some of the fun crafty Christmas Projects that I’ve been looking at! 😀

leon-day-1 leon-day-3 leon-day-2

This is also a fun time to start looking at Christmas decor. I love ornaments, and it’s so fun finding different ones to collect. One site with some beautiful handmade & hand-painted ornaments is Patience Brewster. You just have to check out their site! I just love their unique style & their company’s story.  Here is one of my favorites…



Super cute right?! It’s so fun looking at Christmas ornaments and thinking about our first Christmas in our new house! (Eek Christmas tree with Nora being into everything?!) We’ll make it work. 😀

I may watch a Christmas movie, (or two) today, and keep looking at my holiday Pinterest boards to get the old brain going.

Hope you all have a great day, and happy “Half-Way-to-Christmas”!  Will you be getting started on your holiday creations? Would love to know what you’re working on in the comments section!





6 thoughts on “Happy Leon Day | Half Way to Christmas!

  1. Hehe! Last year I started all my Christmas stuff in September (thinking I would be giving myself SO much time for everything… not) and afterwards I promised myself that this year I would start in June. Ha.


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