Update | Crochet Storage Basket

It’s starting to look like something now!

I ended up running out of the black yarn (as you can see) and being that my yarn stash is currently in our POD with like, 80% of our other belongings…I bought some cheap cheap yarn to finish this project!

I ventured to Hobby Lobby to find the cheapest yarn they had! I didn’t care if it was scratchy…(that’s why it’s a bag & not a scarf!) I took along my wonderful 4 digit code (for 40% off non-sale items) and set out to find a deal!

I ended up buying their “Crafter’s Secret” Brand because it was not on sale, and it is regularly priced at $2.99 USD.  Yarn for $1.79 out of pocket? Why thank you, this will do just fine!

I don’t know how I’ll finish it up yet, or if I’ll use all the yarn…but we shall see. I love that I can already store my yarn that I’m using in it since it is already a basket. 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend! Hopefully we will be painting our house this weekend!!

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