Spring Crochet Fusion Quilt Complete!

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A LOT has been going on around here, so it totally feels awesome to get a sense of completion about something! I was super stoked about this project when I started it (remember?), and now I am very pleased with how it turned out!  I took quite a big break from this project to make one of my dear friends a cute onesie (which I can’t share yet because it’s a surprise still!) and because I hadn’t yet figured out how I wanted to join all my squares together.
I ended up using a zigzag join which has big holes which I liked, because this is a light Springy quilt!  I found this particular method on Pinterest here. It went pretty quickly, and then my least favorite part to get through… weaving in the ends!

Here’s my progress pics leading up to the finished product!

Crochet & Fabric Fusion Quilt | @fibreandfabrics Craft Blog #quilt #crochetfusion #crochet
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Check out this crochet & fabric fusion quilt @ Fibreandfabrics Crafts Blog ♥ @fibreandfabrics #crochet #quilt #sewing http://wp.me/p4kypa-3b
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7 thoughts on “Spring Crochet Fusion Quilt Complete!

  1. Beautiful work, Gina! You know how you have Matt’s great-grandmother’s quilt? This will be one of those that your great-grandkids will be pleased to have many decades from now!!


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